Santa Cruz and Watsonville Courts Availability of Court Reporters


Availability of Court Reporters

Updated – JANUARY 2015

Consistent with California Rules of Court, Rule 2.956(b)(1) the court must enumerate

the departments in which the services of official court reporters are normally available.

At this time, court reporters are normally available in the following departments:

Santa Cruz

  • Department 3
  • Department 6
  • Department 7


  • Department A
  • Department B

Although an official court reporter is not normally available in Santa Cruz for

Departments 1, 2 and 10, each of these departments are equipped with electronic

recording devises to record the proceedings.

Official court reporters are also provided in the following departments for the following

types of matters:

Santa Cruz

  • Department 4 – Law and Motion and Probate
  • Department 5 – Law and Motion only


  • Department D – Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), only
  • Department D – Domestic Violence Hearings, only

Official court reporter services are not normally provided in the following departments

for all other matters:

Santa Cruz

  • Department 4
  • Department 5


  • Department C
  • Department D

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